on May 28, 18

Memorial Day


With it's origins after the Civil War, Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen service members, those who can no longer render a salute, smile or laugh with friends and family, or drink a ‘welcome home’ beer. They paid the ultimate price on the battle field so the rest of us could live better, free lives.

While in recent years, many regard Memorial Day as the start of summer, a 3-day weekend to obtain the first sunburn of the year, or to score the best deal on that mattress you have been wanting. However, for the families who lost a loved one, or the service member who lost a friend in combat, Memorial day serves it’s true purpose; To reassure that their ultimate sacrifice was not done in vain.

Most importantly we remember WHO they are and WHAT they fought for. They are American service members, fighting to keep OUR freedom and liberties intact so we can enjoy our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is not all somber remembrance, Memorial Day is the day we laugh at their antics, celebrate their life, remember the joy and excitement these men and women brought to all.

Celebrate today, crack open that beer, enjoy that slightly burnt hamburger off the grill, laugh with family and friends, enjoy life and liberty. We ask that today at 3pm local time, in accordance with the National Moment of Remembrance Act signed into law in 2000, to take 1 minute of silence with your family to remember all those who have cashed in that blank check they wrote when they signed the dotted line for our beautiful nation.



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