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CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II MAX

CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II MAX

$ 12,500.00

The CreatorBot 3D Pro Series MAX is in a category all its own. Designed for large-scale prototyping and small production runs, it makes precise, high-quality prints with high-temperature, engineering-grade polymers.

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  • Printing technology – Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Print volume – 18”x18”x18” (5832 in3)
  • Print heads – Dual
  • Nozzle temp –220°C to 400°C
  • Bed leveling – Auto compensation
  • Display – 5” color touchscreen
  • Heated platform – Up to 160°C
  • Build platform – 6 mm borosilicate
  • Build surface – GRIP Technology
  • Build chamber – Enclosed
  • Nozzle diameter – 0.4 mm, optional 0.8 mm
  • Resolution – 40 to 360 micron
  • Filament monitoring – Out detection
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • USB thumb drive – Included
  • Construction – Aluminum
  • Filtered exhaust – Charcoal
  • Filament diameter – 1.75 mm
  • Filament spool – 1 kg spools or 5 lb. spools
  • Printer dimensions – 32”x32”x70”
  • Shipping weight – 250 lbs.
  • Cabinet base – Standard (w/ wheels)
  • Warranty – One-year limited
  • Service agreement – Optional plans
  • Delivery – Freight shipping on two pallets

Product Description

Printing large-scale models with high-temperature, engineering-grade polymers is easy and affordable with the CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II MAX. Built for industrial use, the Pro Series II MAX is designed for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) parts with high-temperature materials, including polycarbonate, nylon, and ABS plastic.

Current Lead Time: 7-10 Business Days

Purchase price includes:

  • Wheeled cabinet stand
  • Freight shipping and delivery – You will need a loading dock or be able to coordinate with us for delivery
  • On-site setup
  • Two-day training – Preparing models, loading material, basic maintenance and care

    Dual Extruder

    CreatorBot 3D printers are built with the second printing nozzle standard and are designed to give you benefits of dual extrusion without losing any print area. Dual extrusion lets you use soluble support material to make incredibly detailed, eye-catching prototypes.

    Automated Platform Leveling

    Automated Platform Leveling – Also called Auto Platform Distortion Compensation, results in equal and accurate distribution of material during the first layer of the printing process. A sensor built into the printer head travels across the print plate to probe the surface to compensate for any skew distortion from the print plate, giving you a flawless print.


    Enhanced User Interface

    A 5” LCD color touchscreen provides an advanced interface that can be customized according to your unique needs. Features include: 

    • On-board tutorials for easy calibration 
    • Access to temperature controls 
    • On-board Wi-Fi for network file sharing and remote print via desktop or mobile device 

      Filament Out Detection

      CreatorBot 3D printers constantly monitor the presence of filament during the printing process and pause automatically so you can add more filament when needed without missing a beat, saving time and money.

      Clear Acrylic Top Enclosure

      Helps to maintain the temperature during prints to ensure product quality and precision. The enclosure is easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.

      Machine Grade Construction

      Printer frames are built with extruded aluminum alloy with a hard-anodized layer to protect the surface from oxidation and withstand the constant high temperatures and vibrations during long print jobs. All electronics and mechanical features are assembled using precision laser-cut aluminum fabrications and 3D-printed components.

      Removable Build Plate

      Manufactured from Borosilicate plate glass, the build plate is removable to bring your print safely outside of the machine enclosure. The build plate can be heated to 160°C making it easy to print high-quality materials.

      GRIP Technology

      When heated, GRIP surface technology holds your print in place without the need for glue, spray, or other messy alternatives. Once cooled, the print is easily removed. 

      Ethernet Security

      CreatorBot 3D printers are built standard with USB interface. But for added security when needed, we can build yours with a secure Ethernet connections 

      International Customers:
      Taxes, import duties and additional charges are NOT included in the price. Please contact us for a proper shipping quote. To determine what additional costs are required, please contact your country's customs office.

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